Greenery along the perimeter gives privacy while keeping views of the city and river intact.
 Featured on "What to Expect When Combining Apartments"  Our client acquired three 2-bedroom apartments and a 20’ stretch of hallway between apartments. They asked us to turn these disparate spaces into one four-bedroom home.  We designed the central space for shared family and entertaining activities.
 In this full gut renovation of a pre-war coop, we completely remodeled the kitchen, converted a 1br/1ba to a two bedroom to make room for future guests and doubled the size of the master bath. The renovation allows the apartment to act both as welcoming home for entertaining family and friends as well as a relaxing haven from the action of the city.
 After seeing the slouch couch, our client approached us to a complete renovation of their home, in a bright, colorful, and sophisticated way.  The Adams House is a luxury renovation for a couple with opposite visions, combining the colorful and eccentric with a reserved and formal attitute with precision and elegance. Each of the five bathrooms gained its own personality, with one becoming a steam room.  Walls are strategically opened to give visual and physical connection to what was before a a very disconnected house.  
 Shannon had a predicament. Her house didn't have a ground floor bathroom. Identifying extra space that didn't require intensive construction was a challenge. However, an unused side porch set on a curved foundation showed its potential. We came up with a design that took full advantage of the available area to create a full, modern bathroom, while still allowing for a generous entry hallway.
 Social Parking is an art installation which takes over a typical parking space with a patch of grass.  Is it real? Can I touch it? Although we are all familiar with green lawns in front of houses, the same grass in a Manhattan parking space seems so foreign that such questions become common. Social Parking is a merging of two conditions, commuter parking and community green space.  "A parking space transformed into a refined object-in new meaning or symbolic content." Architectural Critic Peter Lang  2002  Team Oswald Samuels, Franky Antimisiaris, Andrew Mikhael (OFA)
 ReNEWable Times is a proposal to paint the pedestrian ground surface of NYC's TImes Square in a colorful, lively pattern that emphasizes the life of this street. Simple geometric rules guide the patterns in a way that is easy to modify and implement.  Team Andrew Mikhael and  Rita Saikali
 Combine slouch couches to make wider arrangements