Greenery along the perimeter gives privacy while keeping views of the city and river intact.
 Featured on "What to Expect When Combining Apartments"  Our client acquired three 2-bedroom apartments and a 20’ stretch of hallway between apartments. They asked us to turn these disparate spaces into one four-bedroom home.  We designed the central space for shared family and entertaining activities.
 After seeing the slouch couch, our client approached us to a complete renovation of their home, in a bright, colorful, and sophisticated way.  The Adams House is a luxury renovation for a couple with opposite visions, combining the colorful and eccentric with a reserved and formal attitute with precision and elegance. Each of the five bathrooms gained its own personality, with one becoming a steam room.  Walls are strategically opened to give visual and physical connection to what was before a a very disconnected house.  
 Shannon had a predicament. Her house didn't have a ground floor bathroom. Identifying extra space that didn't require intensive construction was a challenge. However, an unused side porch set on a curved foundation showed its potential. We came up with a design that took full advantage of the available area to create a full, modern bathroom, while still allowing for a generous entry hallway.
 Social Parking is an art installation which takes over a typical parking space with a patch of grass.  Is it real? Can I touch it? Although we are all familiar with green lawns in front of houses, the same grass in a Manhattan parking space seems so foreign that such questions become common. Social Parking is a merging of two conditions, commuter parking and community green space.  "A parking space transformed into a refined object-in new meaning or symbolic content." Architectural Critic Peter Lang  2002  Team Oswald Samuels, Franky Antimisiaris, Andrew Mikhael (OFA)
 ReNEWable Times is a proposal to paint the pedestrian ground surface of NYC's TImes Square in a colorful, lively pattern that emphasizes the life of this street. Simple geometric rules guide the patterns in a way that is easy to modify and implement.  Team Andrew Mikhael and  Rita Saikali
 Combine slouch couches to make wider arrangements